The Brand New Column Options & Column Editing Interface!

More Options And An Improved UI

Now You Have Full Control Over Column Designs And Better Tools For Adding, Deleting And Rearranging Columns

Today we are excited to release the new Divi column options and improved column editing interface for the Visual Builder. This updates brings tons of new design options to columns and separates each column on your page into its own unique builder element, giving you more control over the design and position of each. The improved interface also makes it easier to add, delete and move columns on the page. It’s a really great update that opens up new design possibilities and makes your general page building experience even easier.

Improved Column Editing

Add, Delete And Rearrange Columns With Ease

Now you can easily add, delete and rearrange columns on the page. You can change column structures on the fly and drag entire columns full of modules to new locations. You can also easily add new columns between any two existing columns.

Manage, Rearrange And Delete Columns Individually

Columns are now child elements of rows, which means you can add, delete, rearrange and copy, paste and extend styles just like you would a tab within a tabs module or a slide within a slider module. You can also control column structures within row options. The ability to move columns around is such a welcomed addition, especially compared to the previous experience of having to move modules from one column to another after changing your row structure.

Easily Add New Columns To Rows

The update also brings new UI elements to the Visual Builder that allow you to easily add new columns to any row and to any position within the row. Just click the new plus button between two columns to add a new column in that location. When you add new columns, your current row structure will adjust itself automatically and all modules will stay in their previous location.

Drop Modules To Create New Columns

You can also drag and drop modules between two columns to automatically create a new column in that location and drop the module within it. What used to require several clicks can now be accomplished with a single move of your mouse! It’s super convenient and easy to use.

The New Column Options

Fully Customize Columns Designs In Their Own Settings Panel

In the previous version of Divi, column options were sparse and somewhat hidden within row settings. With this update, columns are getting their own settings popup filled with the full range of design options you would expect. Background, Links, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, Filters, Transforms, Animations, Custom CSS, Visibility and more. There are dozens of new design settings and you can control each column individually.

Unlock The Full Range Of Column Design Options

Columns are such a fundamental part of any page, and now they are getting the attention they deserve. These new options and interface help create an even stronger page building foundation for every Divi user. The new column options are available today, so download Divi and take them for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great Divi feature coming your way.

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