Manage The Design Of Your Entire Divi Website From Within The Builder

Divi’s Website-Wide Design Editor

Manage Your Website’s Default Styles Instead of Customizing Modules Over And Over Again When Building New Pages!

Today we are excited to release one of the most important and revolutionary new Divi features ever. It’s called the Global Defaults editor and it allows you to manage the design of your entire website right from inside the builder. Instead of having to apply fonts, colors, text sizes and more to every single module you add to every single page, you can instead modify their default designs so that every time you add new modules, they automatically conform to the broader design system you created. When you modify, for example, your default button or header styles, your entire website gets updated at once and you don’t have to go and edit every single button and header module to do so. Whenever you want to make a website-wide design change, you can simply alter those default design settings. It’s absolutely amazing and saves tons of time.

Enjoy Website-Wide Design Editing

The new Global Defaults editor changes the Divi page builder paradigm and makes designing websites with Divi infinitely faster. Instead of starting with Divi’s default styles and customize each module individually, you can update your website with its own overarching design system by editing the default design of any module. This new system replaces the old Module Customizer and gives you absolute control over the default design of everything.

In the following video, you can see that after editing the default design of the header module, every page on the website gets updated with the new design. While Divi has some amazing efficiency tools such as Copy Paste Styles, Extend Styles and Find And Replace that help you build single pages super quickly, the Global Defaults editor gives you the power to manage the broader design of your entire website.

Global Defaults Change Everything

When You Modify A Module’s Default Design, It Updates Across Your Whole Website At Once

Divi’s default design is simple and meant to be a good starting point. Every module has a set of default values for each of its design settings, and that’s what gives the Divi module set its standard look. But Divi’s power lies in its customizability and most Divi websites are heavily customized and full of unique designs built by modifying those design settings. In the past, every module you added to every page needed to be uniquely designed one by one. Every single module, every single time, and that’s a lot of time. But that changes today.

Access The Global Defaults Editor From Within The Builder

To manage a module’s default design, simply click the new Global Defaults icon to flip over to the defaults editor. Here you can customize the default design of that module. Changes made here affect your entire website and the next time you add a module to a page, it will automatically assume its default design and the default values will be reflected in the settings popup. You can still further customize any individual module and overwrite its default style.

Manage Your Website Design Revision History

The Global Defaults editor also has its own revision history system. Each time you change your website’s default design, a new backup is created. If you ever want to undo a change, you can simply restore the previous revision. You can also easily reset default designs back to their original state using the ever-present triple dot icon in the global defaults editor. Since these changes affect your entire website, we wanted to make sure it was easy to undo a change when you made a mistake or simply changed your mind.

Quickly Turn Normal Modules Into Default Designs

Divi also makes it easy to take any customized module and use it to create new default designs. You can right click on any module, option group or option and click “Make Styles Default” to use the customized design as the new default design for your website. Build a single page and then use that page to create a global design system in minutes.

The New Way To Design Websites With Divi

It’s hard to explain just how important this new feature is, you just need to try it for yourself. Plus, it lays the foundation for an even more advanced class-based Divi design system that we plan to expand upon soon. The global defaults editor is available today, so download Divi and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great Divi features coming your way.

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